Lucifer's Atoms

Lucifer's Atoms is a physics-based construction game where players have to build and control objects to complete various challenges.

The simple building primitives can be combined to form interestingly complex machines like cars, walking robots, and aeroplanes. It's an open-ended sandbox for creative design.


6 July 2020
Version 1.3a released

MacOS version updated to include support for Intel 64-bit processors (but still supports PowerPC and Intel 32-bit processors).

2 June 2020
Version 1.3 released
1 October 2019
Version 1.2c released
9 September 2019
Version 1.2b released
21 March 2019
Version 1.2a released
1 March 2019
Version 1.2 released
10 August 2018
Version 1.1 released
2 July 2018
Version 1.0 released

Lucifer's Atoms is released! (◠ᗜ◠)