Frequently asked questions


I've already bought the game, but I lost my download link. Can I get it back?
Yes. Just go to the download page and enter your activation code or email address.
Can I install the game on more than one computer?
Yes. Each purchase can be used to install the game on up to 5 different computers per month. This should be more than enough for reasonable personal use.
Do you have a privacy policy? If I buy the game, what data will you store?
For each purchase, the web site stores the customer's name, email address, date of purchase, and country of residence, as recieved from PayPal. This data is used to provide customers with their download link, to allow it to be recovered if they lose it, and for tax records. For each install, the game also sends a unique identifier for the computer it's running on (a list of its MAC addresses) to the web site, which is used to limit each purchase to a maximum of 5 installs per month. No data will ever be disclosed to anyone, except where required by law. The web site does not use cookies.
After buying the game, will I be able to use it forever?
Yes. The game and web site will be maintained for the foreseeable future. If at some point it becomes uneconomical for me to continue doing this, I will release the game into the public domain.


I can't solve a level. Can you give me some hints?

Network multiplayer

My computer says Windows firewall has blocked some features of this program. What's happening?
When you ask Lucifer's Atoms to start a network multiplayer game, it needs to talk to other computers over the internet. By default, Windows Firewall allows through the outgoing traffic, but blocks the incoming traffic. So if you want to use the network multiplayer mode, you'll need to click on Allow access.

Speed problems

The game runs slowly.
Lucifer's Atoms uses OpenGL for its graphics. Check that you have the drivers for your graphics card installed. These can be downloaded from your graphics card manufacturer's web site (NVidia, AMD, Intel).


I've found a bug in the game.
I'll try to fix any bugs you find. Email me with a description of how to re-create the bug, and the level that causes the bug, if applicable. It would be helpful for me if you could simplify the level so it demonstrates the bug using the fewest objects.


Can I make and distribute videos of your game?
Yes. In particular I have no objection to people indirectly gaining advertising revenue via videos of my game.
Can I distribute the levels I've made?
Yes. You own whatever you create with the game (as long as it is your own work) and you can do whatever you like with it.

Other games

Are there any other games similar to Lucifer's Atoms?
My previous game, Armadillo Run is similar, but objects are built on a 2D plane and you don't get to control your creations. Here are some other physics-based construction games you might like.


Is your game Satanic?
No. Lucifer means light-bearing – the planet Venus (the evening/morning star) is called Lucifer, and animals that glow in the dark use a chemical called Luciferase. Light is associated with knowledge. Lucifer's Atoms challenges players to combine simple objects together to create more complex mechanisms and I hope it gives them a feeling of enlightenment.